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Card and Label Designing Software
Card and Label Designing Software
Price: Just $49

ID Card Maker and Label Designing Software easily design premium quality Identity card and Labels for personal and commercial needs. Software with advanced photo addition facility design photo added ID card (a.k.a. ID badge) in simplest way. Technically advanced and fully featured ID card maker software supports to create colorful ID card and variety of labels for labeling business products in variety of size as per certain business needs. Specialist card maker software supports to design and create ID cards and labels with use of major image designing objects without any extra efforts required.

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5 PC License $175 Buy Now
10 PC License $270 Buy Now

Software Features

  • Software provides advance methodology to design and create best quality ID cards and labels.
  • Design custom shape ID cards with use of advance image designing objects.
  • Provide option to print designed ID and labels with print preview facility.
  • Save designed ID cards and labels at specific location on your PC for future modifications.
Download free software trial version to better understand ID card maker and label designing software features and working capabilities. If satisfied place order to get full featured software licensed version at cost-effective price.

Card and Label Designing Software Screenshots

Start with New Label Format

Click any one option from Start with New Label Format and Open with Existing Label Format. Choose Create Label by Using Wizard then click on Next.

New Label Format

Enter the Label Name and Label Size then click on Next. Choose any one type of fold and click Next.

Label Shape

Select any one label shape from rectangle, rounded rectangle, ellipse and CD/DVD. Set the color and background settings of the label then click on Next.

Text Features

Enter the Text and Select Font then specify the password settings of the label and click Finish.

Card Front Side

Design the Front side of the card as you want using Card and Label Designer Software.

Generate Series

Select any one option from Sequential Series, Constant Value Series and Random Series. Create list in the Data set then click on Save.

Barcode Properties

Add barcode to your card by using Barcode icon. Double click on the barcode to set the properties of the barcode.

Print Preview

Set the print settings according to your need then print out the designed card using Print option.