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Publishers and Library Barcode Label Software
Publishers and Library Barcode Label Software
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Barcode maker and label designing software creates customized book barcode labels and library barcode labels for labeling book publishing industry. Barcode generator software provides the complete solution to create labels for labeling Books, Audio, Video, CD and DVD as well as labeling book for publishing industry. Barcodes generator program helps Publishing Company to design customized barcode images and prints for labeling libraries books. Barcode software designs and prints colorful barcode images using barcode color settings. Software barcode prints bulk barcodes using barcode list generating options including sequential, random and constant series. Barcode system creates own style barcode label using linear and 2d barcodes fonts standard.

Barcode labeling software creates multiple copies of barcodes that are useful for publishers for tracking the details for book publishing industry, library system. Barcode label maker software provides the option to modify created barcode labels using linear and 2d barcode fonts, sizes and color settings.

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Advantage of Barcode Software

  • Barcode software design barcode labels using linear and 2d barcode fonts standards.
  • Prints custom made barcode images using image designing functionality on desktop using general printer and barcode printer.
  • Download barcode generator software along with barcode system is used to better understand the working process to create own style barcode labels.
  • Free trial demo of barcode download software to design and create barcode labels in simplest way for novice users and expert users.
  • Barcode labeler software designs barcode images on different graphical file formats including jpeg, bmp, png, tiff and similar file formats.
  • Barcode software using barcode system to generate barcode labels with option to specify Barcode Value, Barcode Header and Barcode Footer details.

Supported Barcode Fonts

Linear Barcode Fonts Coda bar, Code 11, EAN 13, EAN 8, Industrial 2 of 5, ISBN 13, Telepen, UPCA, UPCE.

2D Barcode Fonts Databar, Databar Limited, PDF417.

Publishers and Library Barcode Label Software Screenshots

Step 1: To create a unique publisher barcode font in barcode settings mode, select the Barcode Technologies and Type of your choice (Linear Barcode or 2D Barcode). Then, enter the barcode value, barcode header, barcode footer, etc and change the header and footer alignment. Customize your publisher barcode font by changing different barcode settings such as bar height, character grouping, add checksum and density.
Linear Barcode
Step 2: Go to the barcode designing mode, and use text, barcode, watermark, picture, and several other tools to design a publisher barcode label. Select the inserted text to change its properties. In Text Properties, modify the text value, alignment, and font settings. In Text Back Color, modify the text color and text background color. You can also show frame around the text and rotate the text at any angle as shown in figure.
Text Properties
Step 3: Print your designed publisher barcode label in either Manual mode or Pre Define Label Stock mode by clicking on the Print icon available in Standard tools. Change the Print settings (like page properties, page margins, margin between labels, etc) according to your need, and then print your designed barcode label by using the Print button. You can also use the Print Preview button to see the preview of your created publisher barcode labels before printing.
Print Preview
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