Read Text from Image OCR

Read Text from Image OCR

Extract text from the image OCR software has ability to get text from an image or any other digital documents. Software uses optical character recognition which enables you to scan digital document to extract the text. It has option to read text and save on other editable text file as notepad text and XLSX output formats.

How to Extract Text from Image using OCR Technology :-

Step 1 : Selection of File:- Read text from camera: OCR tool gives the feature to convert the text direct from the camera capturing image or document. It is an advance feature of this extracting software.

Select option

Read text from picture: freeware tool provide an option to scan the text from images by providing path. Read all images in folder: application has best scanning option, if we want to read text from many number of images so we can use this option to select a folder. Read text from scanner: software has ability to scan any file formats to extract text by using scanner also.

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Step 2 : Customization :- After selection of file for the freeware read text tool we can extract words or sentences from that particular file. Software displays the details about the file as name and preview of selected file. If you selected a folder to read text then we have many number of file with name and serial number.

read text from image

Freeware application has two extra facilities first one save the text only specified word or phrases and the other one do not save text of files containing specified word or phrases. User can choose any of them as per their preference. Now you have to click on the read text from image after the processing you can get output or read your text in your selected output location.

Step 3 : Read and Save :- Read text image OCR freeware tool has option to select the output folder to save the extracting text.

Select output Saving option

User can see the result of the process using the “open output folder option”. You have option to edit that text sentences as per your need and choice.

Software Key Features :-

  • Text Editing: Text OCR Application allows user to edit you extracting text after save that into an editable text files.
  • Simple Process: Software provides a simple process to perform the text extracting.
  • Accessibility: Anyone can access this word or text extracting software as per their need and choice.
  • Specified Output Location: Read Text Tool has ability to choose the output location of folder and file format to save text. Every file has option to customize the text according to your preference.
  • Work Efficiency: Application is able to maintain work efficiency. Every process is complete in a minimum time.
  • Absolute Free: Extract Text OCR Software is complete freeware tool. Anyone can download this application to use.
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