Video Rotation Software

Video Rotation Software

Video Spinning Software can change the rotation of a video within minimal time. Software allows user to change the video resolution, video quality, video rotation and etc. Application supports various video formats including MP4, AVI, MOV, FLV, WMV and others. There is no need of any technical knowledge or video editing skills to access the application for video rotation. Video Rotation Software is freely available for everyone. You can able to change video orientation after installment of the software in your system.

How to use Video Rotation Software to Rotate a Video Clip :-

Step 1 : Input Video File :- You have to select the video file to perform editing or rotations on the video by clicking add option on software screen. You have option to choose a video folder if you want to rotate multiple videos at a same time.

Add file

When we select the video file we can see the various details of selected video file such as: file name, size, duration and many others. If you want to get more information of input video, you can choose the show video properties option.

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Step 2 : Edit Video :- Video Rotation application has five choices to change video clip orientation such as : 90 degree left , 90 degree right,180 degree as well as we can flip the video clip in the horizontally or vertically aspects.

Add file

User can change the video quality by choose any one of video quality options normal, medium or high. Users have option to customize the sound equality by selecting any one of original sound in the video, no sound in the video and add custom sound by clicking on browse audio file. After complete the editing on the video by using video rotation freeware tool you can preview the all changes of the video.

Step 3 : Output Video :- Freeware rotation tool allows user to select the location or folder to save output video. Video Rotation Application Tool Output video can be saved in MOV, MP4, AVI, WMV and many other video file formats.

Save video format

You can provide the output video location to save video by clicking on select option. Click on make rotate button to rotate the video.

Key Features of the Video Rotation Software :-

  • Easy to Understand: Software is complete understanding for the every type of user. Anyone can perform editing on the video using rotation tool.
  • Enhance Features: Application gives advance option like customize video quality and sound as per your preference.
  • Possible Modification: Video Orientation Changing Freeware Tool has ability to modify the video clip by rotating in any angel.
  • Sound Alternative: Software has facility to change the sound ability by choosing any one of those options.
  • Graphical User Interface: Video Rotation Tool is included with graphical user interface that making easier to operate for others.
  • Compatibility: Software is compatible with all video files format and work with windows operating system.
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