Time Lapse Video Maker Software

Time Lapse Video Maker Software

DRPU Time Lapse Video Maker extracts various images from any video to generate a Time Lapse Video. Software facilitates us with photo capture delay feature to extract images from a video hours, minutes or seconds wise. Download Time Lapse Video maker Software allows us to add custom audio to a video. Application facilitates us to save the resultant video in multiple formats including AVI, MP4, MPG, FLV, MKV and 3GP, etc.


Step 1 : SELECT CAPTURE DEVICE OR START CAPTURING PHOTOS: - First step is to capture images. Freeware Time Lapse Video Maker provides some ways to generate a lapse video i.e. Select a capture device like webcam, Fetch an image folder from your system and start capturing real time images.

Start capturing Video

Fix the Resolution and image format for the input images as per your needs. Select the Photo Capture Delay out of hours, minutes or seconds accordingly.

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Step 2 : FIX THE ATTRIBUTES OF VIDEO AND AUDIO OPTIONS: - Fix the bit and frame rate from the available dropdown list. You are allowed to create video in different modes i.e. Monochrome, Sepia and Vintage mode, etc. Set the Resolution as height and width. Select the Orientation out of Flip Horizontal, None, Flip Vertical, 90 degree left and right, etc.

Set Resolution

This Video option frame of a Time Lapse Software also allows you to create reverse video of captures images. Audio Option of this video editing tool provide facility to mute a video and also allows to add any audio by browsing audio file from your system. Lastly, give the name, format and path of a folder in a location box to save the resultant video in your PC.

Step 3 : START MAKING VIDEO: - Click Make Video button to start the process of creating Time Lapse Video.

Make Video

After successful completion you can see the generated lapse video by pressing Play button or you are allowed to see it in a folder by one click on Show in Folder.

Features of Time Lapse :-

  • Software is free of cost everyone is allows to use this freely.
  • Time Lapse Video Editing Software also provides facility to reverse a Time Lapse video.
  • This Video Editing Program allows us to capture photos also.
  • Download Time Lapse Video Maker Software is less time consuming in nature.
  • Editing Tool is capable to create time lapse on the basis of hours, minutes and seconds as well.
  • Program holds basic user interface so that everyone can easily create a Time lapse videos.
  • Software facilitates us to save the resultant video at desired location of our system.
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