Video Splitter Software

Video Splitter Software

Video Splitter Software is capable to split a video in multiple frames or video clips. Freeware Video Trimming Application provides facility to trim, cut and split large videos in less effective time. On using Video Clip Splitting Program you can surely save your precious time, money and efforts as well. Software allows user to extract audio and images from the video as per the needs and requirements of user. Application provides facility to save resultant video at the location specified by user itself. Video Cutter Tool is capable to automatically save the audio file of editing video in your system.

Video Splitter Software Screenshots

Step 1 : INPUT THE VIDEO FILE FROM YOUR SYSTEM :- First step is to Click Input Video Button to select the video file to split, trim, or cut as per user requirements.

Select Input Video

Fix all the details of the video by pressing Show Video Properties Option. Set the details including Duration, File Size, and Audio Details like Format and Bit Rate, etc. Select any one split options out of Cut Selected Part, Multi Trim, Extract images of selected part, Convert into other format and some more. Resolution to edit any video can be set as original and also can defined by the user by fixing height and width for a video.

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Step 2 : FIX THE PROPERTIES AND FEATURES FOR THE VIDEO :- Select the timestamp to edit a video according to your needs and requirements. Keep in mind that selected duration should be greater than the starting time of a video.

use Custom name

You are allowed to give the name to the resultant video in two ways i.e. same as Input File or Use Custom Name. Then, Give the path for your resultant video in the available location box.

Step 3 : START THE SPLITTING PROCESS :- After fixing all these properties to edit a video. You are allowed to start the process to Cut, Trim or split your video.

Start Splitting Process

When this procedure is going to be complete and you want to see you edited video then click on play button or show in folder as per your preference.

Software Features :-

  • Freeware Video Trimming Software is easy to use.
  • Software was designed to reduce load by dividing larger videos into several small video clips.
  • Video Cutter Application facilitates us to trim cut and split any video.
  • Video Splitter Software is compatible with all the latest versions of the windows i.e. Windows11, Windows10, Windows8, etc.
  • Application supports any format of video including MP4, AVI, MOV and MTS, etc.
  • Download Video Splitter Program can automatically save small parts of large videos in your PC.
  • Software is Open Source everyone can use it freely and independently.
  • Tool is capable to split videos with equal time duration and file size.
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